Saturday, October 2, 2010

Born Palestinian, Born Black & The Gaza Suite by Suheir Hammad

UpSet Press is happy to announce the release of Suheir Hammad's classic book of poetry: Born Palestinian, Born Black & The Gaza Suite. We just received the packages of books at our warehouse! For the next few weeks, UpSetters will be busy packing and mailing out the book that almost sold out even before we received it! Thanks to pre-orders and the hundreds of professors who support Suheir Hammad's work!

So if you haven't yet -- reserve your copy of the lovely Suheir Hammad's book now!


Reg said...

No one has this book available for order. Amazon still has it listed as being temporary out of stock and SPD has zero in stock.

Where is the order/purchase link on your site?

Up Set Press said...

Hi you can email us directly for copies and we can mail out. This book is selling faster than we can stock. But we have more copies at our warehouse. or