Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010 UpSet Press Bestseller: Suheir Hammad

UpSet Press editors wanted to take a moment to mark the extraordinary success of the rebirth of Suheir Hammad's first collection of poetry: Born Palestinian, Born Black & the Gaza Suite. Published in October, 2010 the book was not only our largest print of books but also the fastest to leave our warehouse!

(Cover Art: Aaron Kenedi)

Hammad's book is a bestseller and we do not need NYTimes Book Review to tell us that! Not surprisingly, we've almost sold out of BPBB. The tremendous surprise is that we have not held a single event to celebrate the rebirth of this book! This is what makes the book remarkable. It was as if there was a drought for her words and there in one swoop, the world drank up her words.

Yes, we mean world! We were bowled over by the love and support of her fans. And we were challenged to keep up with her international orders. Suheir Hammad is most certainly loved by the world! And we are honored by her grace and words.

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